With our programs, insurers will be ready to dominate the market. Once deployed, we constantly support our clients with our world-leading ecosystem of partners and the clients being at the center of the ecosystem, they are able to leverage Baseline’s complete features and functionality enabling unprecedented control over premium risk, creation of new revenue opportunities and reduction of operations and claims cost.

Godefroy De Colombe, C.E.O., AXA Direct Assurance

“Baseline’s deep understanding of insurance and Smartphone based telematics are notable.  Their ability to quickly and remotely implement their solutions from Canada to France allowed us to deploy the most innovative solution on the market in record time.”

Angelique Magi, Vice President- Strategic Initiatives- The Guarantee

“We saw our customer service capabilities evolve to a new level with Baseline’s solutions.  We’re now capable of offering far more integrated commercial lines risk management solutions while offering best-in-class operations management tools to our vast customer base.”

Michel Laurin, President, C.O.O., Indutrielle Alliance

“Baseline Télématique a collaboré avec Industrielle Alliance avec rigueur pour lancer le premier programme d’assurance télématique au Canada. Le projet très intense a été géré d’une manière agile, a complètement redéfini la façon dont l’assurance est tarifé, souscrite, vendue et supportée entièrement en ligne, en particulier pour les jeunes conducteurs.”

Darlene Schultz, Auto Product Manager, SGI CANADA Insurance Services

“Working with the Baseline team is always very productive. By leveraging their focused and innovative approach to solving complex problems, we successfully evaluated the ability to leverage telematics on motorcycles in our province.”