The beginning

Since 1994, the founder of Baseline Telematics has been involved in nearly a half dozen companies which have cumulatively installed over 350,000 telematics devices across North America, listing of 3 companies on the TSX stock market, and savings over 200 million dollars in claims to over 30 insurance companies globally.

In 2009 a partnership project between Baseline Telematics and Industrial Alliance, Insurance and Financial Services Inc. was undertaken to launch, the first ever PAYD insurance product in Canada. The company was mandated to manage the planning, business analysis, project management and delivery of a turnkey solution in under 12 months. This led undoubtedly to one of the most innovative PAYD solutions in the world.


Baseline Telematics’ UBI solution is the only system in production today that enables Insurers to quote, sell and price an insurance policy entirely based on the actual driving habits of a driver (kilometer and behind-the-wheel behavior), which is obtained through a telematics device installed in the driver’s vehicle.

Our solution allows insurers to increase their ability to identify risk exposures and develop new insurance products that puts the control on final pricing in the hands of their customers. Driving information is available via a smartphone app, weekly email updates and on the insurers’ personalized web portal, allowing drivers to see their driving habits and keep track of their insurance premiums in several ways. It is generally understood that instant feedback with a direct correlation to premiums is an important factor in positively impacting behavioral change among drivers.

The future

Baseline’s technology is already being used successfully for both car and motorcycle insurance in Canada and many international markets such as France, Norway, several Latin American countries and the US. There have been trials and implementations for government insurers, commercial fleet insurers, driving schools and graduated drivers licensing programs. The solution also has the potential for expansion into other segments, such as life or health insurance (pay-as-you-live) and homeowners insurance (pay-as-you-dwell) in the near future.

The platform was developed in Québec city, Canada and launched for widespread use across Québec on April 11, 2012. The program is fully compliant with the requirements of l’Autorité des marchés financiers, which is the regulatory body responsible for overseeing P&C insurance industry conduct in the province of Québec, although regulations vary across regions.

Baseline Telematics has been marketing its solution around the world in conjunction with strategic world class re-sellers and business partners such as SAP, CGI, EY, IBM, Sistran and several others.