With our programs, insurers will be ready to dominate the market with a cross-platform, flexible, differentiated, and turnkey solution. Once deployed, we continuously support our clients with our world-leading ecosystem of partners for hosting, integration, security and business intelligence. Our clients are able to leverage Baseline’s complete features and functionality enabling unprecedented control over premium risk, creation of new revenue opportunities and reduction of operations and claims cost.

We build our solutions to help our client’s achieve 3 financial gains:

Increase Premiums Written
•    Reduce customer acquisition costs (Online & App Quote & Purchase)
•    Grow in niche markets previously impossible to identify & serve
•    Leverage the Free ‘Gamify’ Mobile App to increase brand awareness

Improve Loss Ratio
•    Select better risks (Natural positive anti-selection)
•    Financially encourage behavioral improvement
•    Resolve claims more accurately
•    Reduce fraud with informational asymmetry (know more than your client does)

Improve Operating Ratio
•    Resolve claims faster (online & app self service)
•    Provide better claims support with deeper insight
•    Reduce customer service costs (self-help & chat support)
•    Improve retention with weekly customer communications


At the center of every solution we deploy is the policyholder. We know that happier clients are more profitable clients. Our solutions are designed to ensure customer centricity in the following ways:
•    Allow the policyholder more control on their premium’s cost (behaviour + usage = price)
•    Provide real-time and proactive feedback on driving habits improving safety
•    Smartphone applications allowing 24/7 in-the-palm-of-your-hand convenience