Gamify is designed to allow our clients to quickly customize and launch the BaseDrive Smartphone application in a ”Try Before You Buy” non insurance-rated mode. Gamify will allow clients and prospects to seamlessly interact through the BaseDrive application providing them with real-time feedback on their driving behavior. The Gamify Program is the first production-ready solution in Baseline’s portfolio.


This program is designed as a turnkey product, available on Android and iOS smartphones. It is highly scalable and requires minimal configuration. The application provides tailored and constant feedback to users while promoting the insurer’s brand and enabling interaction with clients and prospects in real-time to generate invaluable behavioral data while rewarding and re-enforcing proper driving behavior.

Social interaction and motivation is achieved through a leader board where drivers can compare themselves to friends, all other users, or any subset of users living in same area. Leaders can then earn prizes, rewards and recognition which are all managed seamlessly by the insurer’s marketing department through the Command Center.

Creating a profile and interacting with friends is quick and easy through Facebook Connect facilitating friend invitations, sharing and comparing of scores.


Gamify allows insurers to validate the market response, gain key insights and experience for deployment, as well as enabling them to signal an upcoming deployment using the cost efficient BaseDrive application. The Gamify Program also allows insurers to obtain a wealth of relevant local telematics driving information enabling rating specialists and actuaries to validate their UBI models prior to deployment. Finally, this program allows insurers to build a database and accumulate information on all users who downloaded the application making it easy to solicit them with insurance offers once the commercial UBI program is ready through the last step of our engagement process: the UBI program.

Upgrading from Gamify to the full UBI program is possible at any time and does not require the user to change application since BaseDrive seamlessly morphs from Gamifiy to full UBI.


The Gamify app is the perfect way for consumers to try out and experience telematics. They can easily snap a picture of their driver’s license and registration to obtain a quote.

Our licensing model for Gamify is designed to get insurers up and running with limited up-front costs and an attractive monthly fixed cost over a 36 month term.