The full Usage Based Insurance (UBI) Program is the final stage towards a cost effective and profitable UBI line of business. It is Baseline’s fully commercial UBI Solution with all features and functionalities scalable to an unlimited number of end-users. The solution uses a world leading, best in class, dedicated private cloud hosting platform integrated as per the client’s requirements.


Our world leading commercial UBI Solution includes configuration, training and integration through professional services to meet our client’s specific needs. Our flexible and scalable architecture enables easy integration to key systems across all components of our solution. Full access to our Command Center back-end is also included.

The BaseDrive application is customized to the client’s needs and made available for download on iOS or Android public application stores in the selected country. Selected telematics devices are sourced, configured and delivered with all shipping logistics required to send and track devices to new policyholders.


This Program is designed for our clients to dominate the market with a fully functional, cross-platform, flexible, reliable, differentiated, customizable and, most importantly, turnkey scalable solution.

Once deployed, we are constantly supporting our clients with our world-leading ecosystem of partners in terms of hosting, integration, security and business intelligence. The insurer is now able to leverage Baseline’s complete features and functionality enabling unprecedented control over premium risk, creation of new revenue opportunities, reduction of operations and claims cost and resulting increase in profitability. All Gamify functionalities are included in the full UBI program.

Our approach allows insurers to get to market in less than one year with a highly customized product, limited technology risk, expert go-to-market assistance and very little upfront investment.

The typical financial benefits our clients can expect include:

  • Reduction in customer acquisition cost
  • Reduction in claims severity and frequency
  • Reduction in policy administration costs
  • Improvement in retention rate
  • Growth in undeserved, niche markets

Combined, these typically add up to, at the very least, 20% improvement to the profitability of direct premiums written on our platform.


The full UBI Program is the perfect way for insurers to quickly and cost effectively launch a successful UBI offer to the marketplace. Leveraging the Baseline Workshop, the TestDrive and Gamify program’s engagement process provides assurance and real world results to ensure market acceptance.

Our licensing model for the full UBI program is designed to get insurers up and running with limited up-front costs with an attractive low monthly fixed cost and a success based variable cost over a 36 month term.