Get started with a fully featured version of the platform within days. Expose internal stakeholders to our award winning Command Center and BaseDrive Smartphone Application for a 5 month trial to provide invaluable real life experience and validation as you move towards a successful production deployment.



Designed to get insurers exposed to our Solutions, the TestDrive Program helps our customers get internal “momentum” for their projects. TestDrive is a turnkey solution designed to get your business started with UBI within days, not months. With TestDrive, our customers will quickly be exposed to our award winning Command Center and the BaseDrive Smartphone application.


  • 5 month trial duration
  • 5 days of professional services for training, configuration and support from an assigned and dedicated Baseline Technical Account Manager.
  • 50 Downloads of a lightly branded iOS and Android BaseDrive Samrtphone Application for the insurers internal use:
    • 25 Bluetooth ‘CarBit’ Dongles
    • Access for 5 insurer employees to the Command Center Back-End (Simulated for Gamification and Insurance)
    • Access to Baseline Customer Guide
    • Access to Confluence document sharing
    • Access to Zendesk help center


With TestDrive, the Workshop quickly evolves and accelerates from a planning, discovery and educational exercise to an interactive, hands on and iterative endeavor leading the way towards deployment. Testdrive’s primary advantage is that it provides our customers with the opportunity to quickly use the Command Center and the BaseDrive Application with virtually no risk and in less than 30 days. It is the most cost effective way to go from thinking about UBI to actually operating it. Furthermore, TestDrive allows for many minor internal configuration experiments that may find their way towards a Gamify or UBI production deployment.