Baseline Telematics (BTI) is focused on reinventing insurance and it all begins with the Workshop. The insurance business is undergoing significant transformation and insurers must quickly adapt to retain their market position and differentiate themselves from the pack. The Workshop provides insurers with detailed strategies, tactics and real concrete steps leveraging Baseline’s recognized global expertise. Insurers will be able to clearly assess how a UBI offering would fit within their own particular environment.


The Workshop is designed to help insurers gather facts, evaluate them and make enlightened decisions on which approach to take regarding technology, staffing, product management and marketing. Insurers can choose to spend significant time and effort on investigating, testing, researching and trialing UBI with, often times, limited success, wasted resources and money. For a fraction of the cost of the traditional product development approaches, you can fast track learning and build concrete plans for deployment through the Workshop’s immersive and intensive sessions. All of your key stakeholders will quickly and effectively get immediate benefits from Baseline’s real world experience (more than 20 deployed insurers in over 12 countries). You will see exactly how a UBI solution would be viable for your business and what you need to assure a successful deployment. The results of the Workshop drive the deployment with a clear scope, schedule, cost and work plan while managing risks. With this tried and tested approach, you will be in a position to launch a cost effective UBI offer in the market place with confidence and assurance.


For 3 to 5 days, we work hand in hand with you, at your location, with all key stakeholders. The Workshop is flexible in that it can be tailored for an insurer that has launched a product but is looking to re-position and innovate in the market place, or for insurers that have not yet deployed and need to build a business case with detailed launch plans.

Workshop Program Objectives:

  • Provide information regarding BTI’s technology and architecture
  • Build a strong functional team to start collaboration:
    • Revise desired features
    • Review BTI solution capabilities
    • Determine which features may or may not be required for the go-to-market
    • Review the concept of Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
    • Review the concept of Exponential Organization (ExO)
  • Acquire a general understanding of your requirements for go-to-market phases
  • Assess value of data contextualization and overall scoring and rating formulas
  • Determine UBI product characteristics
  • Explore branding possibilities for the application


Presentation of BTI Systems and Architecture:

  • General architecture
  • Command Center – The Back-End Portal
  • Portals and CMS
  • BaseDrive Mobile Application (IOS and Android)
  • Rating engine
  • Scoring algorithm
  • Geo-coded data, including contextual data
  • Web-Services
  • Jira/Confluence project management platform

Baseline will perform a detailed analysis and review of your existing key systems taking into account your current architecture, policies, authentication systems and everything else integral to your business. Our goal is to minimize the effort required for integration risks and costs. Baseline will focus on determining product design requirements to build a strong product definition that will differentiate your company and help give you a market advantage. Beyond that, we will also review your current team structure and make recommendations based on resource allocation, roles and responsibilities.

Our team has over 100 years of experience from all corners of the globe, and it’s all packaged in the Workshop.


Once your deployment is launched with BTI, you become part of an international ecosystem of innovative insurers and benefit from the technological advances of all Baseline Clients. You will have the chance to share ideas regularly in semi-annual User Groups reuniting fellow insurers from non competing markets.

Aside from the insights gained in the insurance industry, the final outcome of the Workshop is nothing less than a plan enabling our client to understand the overall context and implementation of our UBI solution. The knowledge we pass on helps our clients evolve from a strategic position to a tactical one. Starting with the Workshop also ensures a more effective full-scale solution implementation. Insurers who decide to scale up are offered three subsequent programs which allow them to progressively move from discovery to pre-sales and then, ultimately, to a full launch of a UBI solution.

Baseline and our global eco-system of partners foresee the future of insurance as fully UBI. It’s time to achieve new horizons.

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