The Bluetooth OBD In-Vehicle Transponders


At the heart of any UBI program, there is a need to capture and relay vehicle usage and driving behavior back to Baseline’s servers for scoring, rating and ultimately pricing and billing. We are constantly monitoring the globe for the best performing and most cost effective devices, from over a dozen leading manufacturers, that seamlessly integrate to our platform, assuring that the Insurer’s current and future requirements are met.

Baseline’s vehicle telematics solution is a unique Bluetooth device that enables seamless, reliable, low cost and accurate driving information to be captured, transmitted and scored by the solution via Bluetooth and the driver’s own smartphone.

This device captures second by second driving information such as crash detection, GPS positioning, hard acceleration & braking, cornering, distracted driving and much more.

Only 6mm thick, is very simple to install in any car manufactured on or after 1995 by the driver in less than 15 seconds.

Technical Specifications:

Power Specifications

D.C. Power: 8-16 VDC
On Current: 12mA average @12V
Stby Current: 0,3mA average @12V

Physical Connection

Power and input/output: Power Supply and Ground, NO physical output


Case Material: Plastic Case
Weight: 11g
Length: 42mm
Height: 19.5mm
Width: 21.5mm

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